I’ve always been fascinated by AI, game design, and storytelling. This passion led me to create an AI-powered interactive storytelling engine. The engine uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques to generate engaging and dynamic stories based on user input.

The core of the project is a game loop that takes in player input, interprets it, and generates a response, driving the narrative forward. Here’s a simplified version of the game loop:

while True:
    player_input = input("Input: ")

    input_and_context = player_input
    required_action, referenced_fiction = embeddings.interpret(input_and_context, save_folder, training_mode=action_training_mode)

    for entity in referenced_fiction:
        key = next(iter(entity))

    narration_instruction = ''
    dice_player_display = ''

    # Decide response
    if required_action != None and required_action in skills.keys():
        # ... (skill responses)
        # ... (descriptive response)

    # Request resulting narration
    context = game_context(fiction, history, player_input)
    messages = narration_messages(fiction, history, narration_instruction)
    narration_response = request(messages, narration_settings)
    narration = process_narration(narration_response, history)

    print(dice_player_display + "\n")

    if narrative.get_step_name() == "Ending" or character.death_counter > 3:
        print("~The End~")